DPAShop coming soon 12/14 thru 22 1-7pm

DPAShop Previews
December 7th Chris Brunt Neighborhood film & food shorts
December 10th Sample Shop with Kelsey Ludwig  3pm
DPAShop Contributors of objects, things..
Angie Pittman, Brooke Herr, Jill Sigman, Thea B Lang, Marisa Clementi, DPA,  YIP, EPA, Laurel Atwell, Kelsey Ludwig, Jasmine Hearn, Zena Bibler, Marion Spencer, Louise Ma, Salune, HanaKyle Moranz
12/14-22 Shop Hours 2-7 or by appointment for earlier visiting hour.
2/14 Yonkers International Press Contributing artist party 6-9pm
12/16 Dry Haircut by Salune. 9-5Make Appointment
12/17 Dances by Jasmine Hearn Zena Bibler Marion Spencer 2-7pm
12/19&20 Louise Ma Red dyeing workshop
12/21Laurel Atwell Solstice 7pm
RSVP Domesticperformanceagency@gmail.com