DPAShop coming soon 12/14 thru 22 1-7pm

DPAShop coming soon 12/14 thru 22 1-7pm

DPAShop Previews

December 8th Film & Food Shorts with Chris Brunt 7pm (RSVP domesticperformanceagency@gmail.com)

December 10th Sample the Shop with Kelsey Ludwig and Thea B. Lang. Afternoon samplings of Thea’s Hanukkah pickles and other DPA kitchen items accompanied by flower essence blends all displayed on hand built ceramics by Kelsey Ludwig. This afternoon is an opportunity to try on outfits, browse, subscribe for soup, bring cloths you want dipped in DPA indigo vat as well as purchase anything else the shop contains. LRC ROSE SETS WILL ALSO BE FOR SALE THAT DAY 3-5pm


DPAShop Content Contributors…

Angie Pittman, Brooke Herr, Jill Sigman, Thea B Lang, LRC, Marisa Clementi, DPA,  YIP,  EPA, Laurel Atwell, Ursula Eagly,  Kelsey Ludwig, John Haskell, Jasmine Hearn, Zena Bibler, Julia Handschuh, Marion Spencer, Louise Ma, Lune Wynyard/Salune, HanaKyle Moranz, Eliza Fernand


12/14-22 Shop Hours 1-7 or by appointment for earlier visiting hour. DPA is located at 567 Carlton Ave. Brooklyn, NY

      & Some Shop Hour Events…

12/14 Contributing artist party hosted by Yonkers International Press 6-9pm “Yonkers International Press is honored to be all the way back at the DPAShop. And with great love we make a dwelling in the evening air for a TINY LAUNCH PARTY.”

12/16 Dry Haircuts by Salune. 9-5 Book Appointment

12/17 Dances by Jasmine Hearn Zena Bibler Marion Spencer 2-7pm

12/19&20 Louise Ma Red (Madder&Cochineal) Dye Workshop Times TBA soon

12/21Laurel Atwell Solstice Performance 7pm $15 suggested donation

For Shop hour events .. RSVP Domesticperformanceagency@gmail.com


DPA Contributing Elsewhere
 12/8-10 Costuming Trio by Kensaku Shinohara 92Y
2018 Costuming he his own mythical beast by David Thomson ps122